Welcome to Kidzburg!

Here in Kidzburg we have engaging and Biblically-centered activities for all age groups! We use the Orange curriculum to encourage families to grow together. All of our volunteers have had background checks and clearances.

  • Nursery

    (Birth - 2 yrs)

    located in our secure Kidzburg wing, our caring and devoted staff's primary concern is your child's wellbeing.

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  • Pre-School Kidzburg

    (2 yrs - pre-K)

    Toddlers are taught biblical truths in fun and engaging ways! a typical morning includes songs, verse memorization, bible story, and intereactive activties to reinforce the main lesson with time for free play!

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  • Elementary Kidzburg

    (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

    Kidz in this age group start off their worship time in small groups with social activities to build relationships with others! Our time continues with a large group activity, high energy songs, and an engaging bible lesson. We then return to our age-appropriate groups for games and activities that dive deeper into the Bible lesson.  

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Journey through the bible

In 2022 Elementary Kidz in Kidzburg will be going through the whole Bible story in one year, focusing on the One Big True Story and how each part points to Jesus! 

New to Kidzburg?

We are excited for your child to come to our Kidzburg program. We know that the first time to anything new can be overwhelming. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to make your child feel safe and secure. Here is how the procedure will look on a Sunday morning.

1- You will be welcomed as soon as you enter our Kidzburg area!

2- Parents/Caregivers will be asked to fill out a short form to help us know your child better. You will also receive a small gift for coming for the first time!

3- Your child will receive a nametag and you will receive a matching bar code sticker which will be used for a secure check out.

4- Then you will be directed to the appropriate room where your child will be welcomed and encouraged to join in the social activities for the morning.

5- At the end of Kidzburg you will be asked to sign out your child and you will be reunited with them.